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About Mandolin Affair

Until July 2010 MANDOLIN AFFAIR (Penny Ross mandolin and John Jooste guitar) was one of Perth's busiest music duos with regular concert appearances in and around Perth and other parts of Australia.

We also appeared at countless weddings, corporate functions and private parties where our mandolin CDs were always popular take home mementos for our audiences.

We no longer perform after Penny was involved in an accident which cost her the loss of three fingers on her left hand.

e have kept our website open to give you the chance to share in some of the music we recorded.

We have four CDs available which you can purchase by clicking here.

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PENNY ROSS is the only person to have graduated from The West Australian Conservatorium on mandolin. For 12 years she was a full time member of the popular group 'Stringy Bach'. She was leader of the West Australian Mandolin Orchestra for several years and has performed with mandolin orchestras from around the world at various festivals in Australia and overseas. She has appeared with the West Australian Symphony as well as the Singapore Symphony orchestras on various occasions.

JOHN JOOSTE migrated to Perth from South Africa in 1974.Since then he has performed in numerous concerts both as soloist and in various ensembles. His experience ranges from stints with cabaret and rock bands in the early seventies to classical concerts in Perth and around Australia.He spent three years as leader of the guitar section in the W.A.Mandolin Orchestra and he has written several works for the mandolin orchestra which are played around the world. In 2000 he co wrote and performed the music for Barking Ghekko Theatre Company's play Tiger Tango.

JOHN and PENNY teach classical guitar and mandolin from their home studio in Perth.

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